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Artiste Name:      RAFIJAH SIANO

Title:                    Recording Artiste\Song Writer

Genre:                 Reggae, Dancehall, Calypso

Manager:            Perrone Thomas

Publicist/Promo: Efficacy Entertainment & Motion Graphics

Track Listing: 

-Heaven Sent

- Alionated

- Rastaman ft. Paebak

- Grinding With No Days Off ft. Hunt

- I've Got Love

- Top Of My Game ft. Enes

- Oh Baby ft. Bianca Siano

- Cruel World

For Bookings Contact:

Perry Efficacy:  +1(876) 407-7877 (Jamaica)

Chen Ryan: +1(876) 541-1851 (Jamaica)

Rafijah Siano: +1876 (813)447-7388 (USVI)

                       [email protected]

Efficacy Ent: [email protected] 


Rafael Gris also known as "Rafijah Siano" was born on the beautiful island of St.Thomas United States Virgin Islands on June 26, 1983. Born from a hispanic heritage, he is said to impact music in many ways. Mother being born in Puerto Rico and father coming from the Dominican Republic, Rafijah is diverse in culture. Known to love music, from young he has always had a passion for instruments. From playing instruments to singing, he is known to be an all around artist. From Elementary to Junior high, he has been known for his chanting and singing but his career started at the age of 14 years when West Line Gave him an opening spot at the Lady Saw/Madd Cobra Concert. Two years later he then formed the Star Lion Family which consisted of seven (7) individuals from seven different locations on the island. Rafijah and the Star Lion Family has shared the stage with artists such as Sizzla Kalonji, Junior Reid, Junior Kelly, Capelton, Sean Paul, Turbulance, Bunny Wailer, Third World, and many other International artist. Rafijah has done differenct genre's of music like Calypso, R&B, merengue, and reggaeton. His musical talent and range is seldom seen for generations. Presently, he is pursuing his career as a solo artist.



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Oh Baby (Directed By MDot Cinema)
Bianca Siano & Rafijah Siano