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Efficacy Entertainment

Premium Marketing & Entertainment Just For You

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"We are committed to providing excellent Entertainment, Marketing, IT Solutions, Multimedia products and services from our company by our dedicated members of staff at affordable prices, in a professional environment".

Company Overview

Efficacy Entertainment is a company set up as an entertainment, IT solutions, marketing and multimedia service and product provider for people who value business productivity, entertainment and recreational solutions. The company was established in 2010 and during that time it was conceptualize upon the idea of just the Efficacy Entertainment Management and Print & Web Marketing aspect of the business. <READ MORE….>

Efficacy Entertainment Management

Efficacy Entertainment Limited continues to give you the best results, premium entertainment outcomes, bringing you to the entertainment or the entertainment to your doorsteps and/or living room at just the click of a button. Are you an artiste looking to take your music to the 4 corners of the planet, promoter looking to make your event the ultimate experience for your guest/patrons? Then we are your people! We Plan, We Manage, We Promote. Visit our entertainment page or contact us for more information.

Efficacy Social & Online Marketing

Fellow Jamaicans and the rest of the world, you now have a place that offers you access to tap into the world of business marketing, at your convenience and within a very comfortable and affordable budget, offered by a team of well organized, trained and dedicated professionals comparable to most local and international A-Class Business and Entertainment Marketing chains. This is reflective of our mission statement. Our marketing plans are very flexible and allow you the opportunity to customize your services and build on your ideas. We simply help ‘you’ grow your business!


An Idea was Born! A Family Was Formed!

Efficacy Entertainment continues to bring you quality services, as we the Efficacy family values your commitment to doing business with us. Check us out!

We started out small, but we started a family. A family who is dedicated to achieving our only goal. Pleasing you our customers!